Are the paintings original?

Our paintings are original, painted by artists

Can the fabric be sent without a frame?

Yes, in this case there will be a discount of 11%

Is there any kind of guarantee if I don't like the painting when I receive it?

At the time the painting arrives at your home, you have a period of 14 days to return the painting, and a refund will be made.

What can I do if I want to return the product? 

First of all, contact us through our email (contact@streetart24.shop) and we will send you instructions to proceed.

Where do the paintings come from?

The paintings are sent from our physical store located in Valencia, Spain.

In how much time will my request be delivered?

It will depend on where you are, usually the shipping company will indicate an estimate of how long it will take to arrive.

What company is responsible for shipping my order?

We work with the Genei platform, so depending on your destination we adapt to the most comfortable and efficient transport platform.

How can I find out where my order is?

You will be assigned a tracking number to access from the transport company.

How can I change the shipping address once the payment is made?

In this case, you will need to contact the shipping company and they will provide you with instructions on how to do this.

Can I get in touch with you?

You can write to us through the direct chat on our website, or in the Contact section you have all our email addresses and telephone number for any questions.

Do you have customer service?

Yes, in the "contact" section you have our information to get in touch with our team.

If I order more than one product, do I have any kind of special discount?

Only if it consists of a coupon or a discount provided by the company.

Can I follow the process of my personalized painting?

During the creation period you can contact Customer Service and the painter in question will contact you

Do you paint with any other type of paint than acrylic?

no, only acrylic paint.

Can you make my personalized painting on paper instead of canvas?

If it is a charcoal portrait, it is done on paper in A3 size and it is a painting portrait on canvas. 

Do you paint custom abstract paintings?

Yes, following the prices established according to the size

Can I order my personalized painting in a different size than the ones you offer?

In this case, we would value creating a personalized budget as it would go beyond our standard.

  • Acrylic on canvas

    Normal price From € 104,00 EUR
    Normal price retail price From € 104,00 EUR
    Acrylic on canvas
  • Portrait Charcoal/pencil

    Normal price From € 52,00 EUR
    Normal price retail price From € 52,00 EUR
    Portrait Charcoal/pencil