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Athens, The Parthenon/ 60x40cm

The Parthenon in Athens, from Ancient Greece, painted with great expressiveness.


Expressive and original painting of the Parthenon, in Athens painted in acrylic on a 60 x 40 cm canvas, handmade. The Parthenon in Athens has been preserved since Ancient Greece, and was consecrated to the goddess Athena. In this work we appreciate a great variety of very saturated colors: especially in the oranges and in the blues. The brushstrokes are distributed in different styles, for example in the sky they are lighter than they are mixed with each other, in this way they transmit depth. On the other hand, the brushstrokes that build the monument and the landscape in the foreground, consist of pictorial material placed with great expressiveness. Globs of paint can be seen above all in whites.

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